Project Overview:

GICC will focus on matching local business expertise with 4 areas of vulnerability that often challenge us during isolation and resource shortages: Shelter, Food, Water and Wellbeing. With consideration to availability of contractors, interested business owners, and what medium best suits each how-to, we will create workshops, short video tutorials, photo essays, graphics, and other digital and/or print materials that enhance resiliency for islanders and represent enduring assets for business owners and the community.

Project Role:

GICC is seeking a highly self-motivated, organized and creative individual for a Project Manager position for the Gabriola: Together We Triumph Project. This is a part time position of up to 200 hours, (which translates to approx. 65 hrs/month) for the 3-month duration of the project. The project manager’s primary responsibility will be to organize workshops and other digital and print materials for the local community around the topics of vulnerability: shelter, water, food and wellbeing.

Upload a resume and cover letter by January 3, 2023.

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