We currently have over 125 Chamber members with many long-standing supporters. There are many different ways to participate in your Gabriola Island Chamber of Commerce. Here are some advantages we offer with your annual membership:


Enhanced Reputation

Being a Chamber member builds your reputation by signaling to clients and the community that you take your business/organization seriously. Your membership is part of our work to advocate for local economic development that reflects Gabriola’s values and membership communicates your participation in a thriving island economy. Membership = Credibility & Social Capital.


Priority Promotion

Part of our Chamber’s capacity to serve our local economy is through your annual membership dues. We reciprocate by prioritizing your interests in different marketing opportunities. We look for creative ways to feature members via our Social Media channels with a combined audience of nearly 15,000 visitors and community members. We also emphasize and suggest members when presented with opportunities from our partners. Membership = First Priority.



Your investment in membership can be offset by special savings in as little as one advertising opportunity. Our Gabriola Visitor Map, for example, offered significant enough discounts that in many cases membership paid for itself. In addition to reduced rates, members receive advance notice and the first chance to secure limited ad space. Membership = Strong ROI.


Entrepreneur & Employee Benefits

 A 2023 Blue Cross Small Business Study showed that despite high living costs, nearly half of all employees would rather have benefits over a raise. Chamber membership affords you opportunities to support your work force’s wellbeing and retention. Plus, these contributions are tax deductible! As a member of our local Chamber, you’re part of a larger network that accesses the best rates on health and dental insurance for small businesses. Our insurance program is not-for-profit, so you are assured that no CEO is walking away with your premiums, they go right back into providing insurance coverage businesses across Canada. Membership = Wellbeing.


We think your membership dues of $165 is money well-spent for enhanced reputation, priority promotion, cost-savings, and access to special benefits. We’ve chosen to highlight just a few ways you can reap the rewards of Chamber membership, but there are additional industry-specific opportunities we can connect you with. If you’re considering membership, please get in touch so we can discuss ways the Gabriola Chamber can work for you!