Diversify your market. Export today.

Did you know you have free one-to-one access to an expert advisor in your region who specializes in exporting? Export Navigator is a program that offers free expert guidance to B.C. businesses on exporting. No matter your size or current exporting status, Export Navigator will connect you with a helpful advisor to explain the export process.

Expanding your market can make your business more successful by:

  • Increasing sales: new markets hold new potential customers, meaning your business can sell in higher volumes.
  • New opportunities: looking beyond your existing markets can lead to a broadened product offering, new business prospects, and more diverse partners.
  • Discovering grants and funding: by growing your business, you may become eligible for new financial opportunities that are only available to companies exporting outside of B.C.
  • Enhancing competitiveness: increasing your sales can decrease your production costs and foster innovation.
  • Protection from regional competition: the less dependent your business is on your local market, the less impact an increase in competition will have on your business.

Join Export Navigator, and your business advisor will guide you every step of
the way. How to get started:

1. Fill out the online form
2. You’ll be paired with an advisor who is a good fit for you
3. Your advisor will reach out to you to find out more about your business
4. When accepted into the program, your advisor will offer one-on-one
guidance to help your business reach its exporting potential

For more details and to meet your advisor visit exportnavigator.ca