Julie Sperber, Executive Director

The time has come to give thanks and show gratitude to the Gabriola Chamber’s outgoing Executive Director, Julie Sperber.

Julie has a new horizon as the President and CEO of the Vancouver Island Economic Alliance, the most significant Vancouver & Gulf Island economic development non-government and non-profit organization. Her leap from our organization to VIEA is no surprise to us. Her intelligence, creativity and compassion are abundant like rain in winter and blackberries in summer.

Elation for this acknowledgment of Julie’s talent is coupled with sadness as her exit from the Gabriola Chamber comes near.

In the past 4 years, she has brought nearly a million dollars of funding into our community and helped connect our island network in ways that a master weaver might make the most practical and beautiful basket. Economic development is complex and the hoop-jumping of federal, provincial, regional and non-profit grant writing and reporting can tire and confuse even the best ringmaster. Julie’s hard work and competence will leave us in an excellent position for our next opportunities.

With 3.5 more years in our fourth consecutive contract with the RDN for Community Economic Development and our next Strategic Plan months away from completion, we are on the fulcrum of tremendous potential. The question now: who’s looking for their next interesting career opportunity? More to come very soon.
A thousand thank yous & Congratulations Julie.

~Graham, Chamber President

See VIEAs Announcement of Julie’s appointment here.