In the past 2 years the Chamber has

  • helped launch 5 new island businesses.
  • supported over 40 individual businesses through one-on-one services.
  • assisted in the development of 8 business plans for local enterprise.
  • hosted 16 events for networking, learning and business development.
  • distributed over 100 links for business information, funding opportunities, resources and supports.

The Chamber has collaborated, advocated and supported many onisland projects and initiatives in partnership with many other local organizations and groups for positive community impact.

The Chamber works with regional organizations to bring opportunities to the island through Vancouver Island Economic Alliance, Rural Island Economic Partnership, Vancouver Island Coastal Economic Development Association, Innovation Island, Tourism Vancouver Island, Tourism Nanaimo, Destination BC and more.

Access to Nanaimo and BC Chamber group benefits, insurance & professional development opportunities.

Be in the Know, Learn, and Grow!